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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ray Franklin - Texas Guitar Hero

Ray Franklin is a legend among Texas backup players. Having learned at the knee of Omega Burden, Ray and his brother Royce had tremendous shoulders from which to launch their own ideas from the very beginning. Not to mention, their father, legendary Texas fiddler, Major Franklin kept them busy backing him on back porches and living rooms throughout Texas and the surrounding area. For a great sample of their guitar work, I recommend purchasing Texas Fiddle Album which features their nephew, Larry Franklin playing a selection of 10 tunes with Royce and Ray on guitar and Steve Williams on bass. What a rhythm section!

Watch this video of Ray playing backup to the popular tune, Lady Be Good. This is a simple swing tune that is popular in the area. If you are interested, I have provided a full transcription of the backup part below. But first, the video:

How about that for some rhythm! Whew! Did you see any chords you recognized? Not to worry, here is a sample of my transcription.

Purchase the whole 17 page transcription below. It is a great study on the Ray Franklin backup style.

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