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Friday, September 18, 2015

Free Texas Style Guitar Chord Diagram

Royce Franklin is a legendary Texas style guitar player. Having learned at the knee of Omega Burden and his Dad, renowned fiddler, Major Franklin , Royce has spent a lifetime absorbing and creating what is referred to today as Texas style guitar backup. The video below, captured by Nonnie Orosco at a fiddle contest in Conroe, TX back in 2006 is wonderful footage of the master at work. On fiddle is Carl Hopkins, a legend in his own right. This video is of the accompanist division, in which, the guitar accompaniment, rather than the fiddling, is judged. Note the groove and the pocket shared by the fiddle and the guitar. The full sound Royce pulls from the instrument is inimitable. The chord choice is simple, yet involved. Listen to the tension and the groove. I cannot emphasize the groove enough. Go ahead, listen...

I have taken the time to transcribe this moment, chord for chord. You may download it here for free. Keep in mind, the chord diagram does not speak to the groove. You will need to listen to find out what that is about. Listen, listen, listen, then try and repeat what you are hearing. It does not hurt to attend a workshop or take a lesson from someone to help with these ideas. Now, go and listen some more and enjoy the free download!

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