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Friday, February 27, 2015

Free Texas Backup Chord Diagram for Sally Johnson

Listen to this Sally Johnson recording from Texas. It features Ervin Solomon on fiddle and Joe Hughes on guitar. Click below the image of Ervin below and you will be directed to a site where you can hear the recording.

Ervin Solomon

For an in - depth study on this part, I refer you to old time guitar master, John Schwab. In his book, Old-Time Backup Guitar: Learn From the Masters,
 he considers this recording, including slowed down samples (3 different speeds) and tablature showing you exactly what was played on the recording. I highly recommend it! In fact, if you click the image below, you can order it right now.

Here is a freebie! This is a simple chord diagram I have prepared to get you started. It is not a substitute for the above book, nor is it a substitute from lessons! Download and use this freebie, then bring your questions to me. This example is a terrific study on the role of backup guitar. Beginners need to know this approach and experienced vets would do well to keep this exercise fresh in their toolbox. Download this free chord diagram and learn it!

Sally Johnson Simple Backup Chord Diagram Free Download

Thanks to the following sources:
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