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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Listen to the Earliest Example of Fiddle Backup Ever Recorded

Did you realize that the earliest example of fiddle backup in existence is also the earliest example of Texas style backup in existence? In fact, It is widely speculated that this recording spawned what we know today as country music. I recommend purchasing these recordings for your own library. Download the MP3 Eck Robertson: Old-Time Texas Fiddler. This earliest example of fiddling in existence today should be standard in any collector's library.

's get into the music. Listen to this YouTube video of the moment. Please note, I recommend purchasing the album for yourself, but take a moment and listen. 

Note the backup... Just Eck and his fiddle grooving sans backup. A true fiddler carrying the melody, harmony and groove all by himself. Impeccable. 

Now listen to another track recorded during
 that session

Two fiddlers, Eck Robertson and Henry Gilliland, often playing octave melodies, sometimes harmonizing, sometimes counterpoint. The groove is terrific. The backup is non-existent...or is it... How could a guitarist or other backup player improve upon this? Leave your thoughts below. 

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